1 Minute Mood Boosters

Feeling the winter blues?

              In a Monday morning slump?

                        …or just need a pick-me-up without reaching for the biscuit tin or that second coffee…?

Set your timer for 1 minute and have a go at one of these:

  • Make a list of 10 of your favourite things
  • Make a list of the people in your life who love you/nurture you. Next to their names, write out how they make you feel.
  • BREATHE! Breathing deeply and with focus gets your circulation going and clears your mind. Have a play with these 3:
  1. Take a few deep breaths – at the top of the inhale, hold for a few seconds before exhaling. When you exhale, hold again for a few seconds before inhaling again. This is like spring cleaning your internal house – it’ll feel wonderfully refreshing as if you’re shifting the stale air from your lungs.
  2. Take a deep breath in, hold for a few seconds reaching your shoulders to your ears, then drop them down as you exhale with a sigh “aaaahhhhhh” … it should feel like a lovely release. Mix it up by doing a few head rolls or anything you like in between.
  3. Alternative nostril breathing: this is great for creating balance in your mind! Hold both nostrils shut with your fingers, release one finger at a time to let air in and out from left to right. Repeat on the other side. Mmmm… zen.
  • Re-cap your achievements – even if they’re obscure or only known to you. The big and the small!
  • Stop your activities and take a minute of silence to scan through what you’re grateful for.
  • Take a minute to muck about with some handstands/cartwheels/star jumps or any spontaneous movement! Being upside down can feel lovely, not just for getting fresh blood pumping around, but for looking at your surroundings from a new, fun perspective 🙂 Gentle backbends can be instantly uplifting also. Make sure to do a little warm up first, of course… If none of these are available, just shake about your legs, arms, or do a little shimmy 😉
  • Have a chunk of dark chocolate, or a juicy piece of your favourite fruit, make sure to really use your minute to savour the yumminess. (Perhaps pretend you’re the lady eating a galaxy in the bath.)
  • Write out how you’re honestly feeling – a few words or a few sentences is enough. No need to go into the why’s; try and practice non-attachment. Name your feelings, and watch them as they pass and change into new ones.
  • Pick an affirmation and write it out five times. Or, get creative and write a few spontaneous affirmations. If you’re stuck, here’s a cool one: “I am perfect and strong just the way I am and I can achieve anything I set my mind to.”
  • Power-pose. This is a transformational tool once you’ve got it. Notice the difference in your stress levels after standing in a power-pose for just one minute.

It’s a good idea to take charge of your moods. Why not give it a shot? It only takes a minute. Make the practical decision to create happy, healthy habits in your life, and you will be rewarded.



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