Power-Save-Mode (Perfectionism Detox Week 3)


You can’t always be perfectly productive in every way. Sometimes you’re lacking in energy and that’s just that. Forgive yourself and use “Power-Save-Mode” to your advantage.

You can think of PSM as making a space; in your mind, in your body – think of it like a (probably much needed) yawn between lots of activity. Be careful though; PSM can quickly turn into a slump… and a slump can quickly turn into depression, so take care during this time to make sure you get the right kind of nourishment your body is craving and don’t become too attached to that slow, heavy energy.

Here are some minimal effort activities to get you back on track:

These are some things you can do when you’re feeling a bit frazzled. Some of them are as simple as washing; this may sound silly but it’s all part and parcel of self-care and it’s easy when you’re on PSM to skimp out on washing your hair, trimming your nails or changing your sheets. Simply doing these things with care and noticing the difference it makes can be enough to set you on the path to greater energy and confidence!
  • Stuff in the greens wherever possible, maybe in the form of a smoothie or juice, even if you’ve been a bit naughty… it’s not going to cancel anything out (it really won’t) but it WILL give your immune system a bit of power behind it and it’ll remind you how lovely it feels to be healthy rather than biscuit-filled.
  • Do a super easy yoga class at home (even 10 minutes makes a difference), maybe chose something Restorative or Yin if you’re really feeling frazzled, or else try a heart-opening practice. ::: Here’s one of my favourites :::
  • Wash your hair/Shave/give yourself a mani-pedi; choose something which will make you feel fresher and that tiny bit pampered.
  • Give yourself a lovely, gentle foot massage, or dry brush your skin if that’s something you find pleasurable.
  • Pack your bag and lay out your things for the next day – be kind to yourself: this will make your day so much smoother and easier vs setting your alarm early and hoping for the best (this is recipe for greater frazzle-ment, I can assure you!)
  • Buy yourself/pick some flowers if you can: I love this one. Put them wherever you are most of the day as a reminder that you are taking care of yourself, and that this is an important and worthwhile thing to do.
  • Tidy up your space: I heard somewhere “a tidy space is a tidy mind” and I couldn’t agree more. No need to go nuts making your bookshelf into a rainbow or anything, just a quick spruce will be sufficient (Remember: you’re on power save mode.)
  • Change your bedsheets/do the laundry
  • If you have a sluggish digestive system try a slice or two of ginger just before a big meal
  • Start the day with a glass of warm lemon water – add ginger if you want something more spicy
  • Try a 10 minute sun-salutation yoga session to get some light energy and movement into your body :::video here :::

Sometimes we need to charge our internal battery up, just a little, to get the ball rolling. Like taking a gentle stretch before our big workout, of having an appetiser to get our digestive juices flowing… Get your energy juices flowing by taking baby steps first.

When you’re ready, try these very simple meditation techniques. Some can be done while you’re on the bus, some need a little time set aside – chose whatever works for you.

  • Uttarabodhi-Mudra: sit comfortably, on your knees is ideal, if not then cross legged or lie down. Put your hands into a very relaxed “pistol grip” in your lap, or wherever brings you most comfort. Gently making a boat-like space between your index fingers and thumb. This mudra holds great energy; I learnt it on a yoga retreat and I use it whenever I need to revitalise and restore myself. It’s known as the mudra of the highest enlightenment and it can be held for as long as you like. I like to imagine that an invisible wheel of energy is circling between the points of the index fingers and thumbs; the wheel grows greater and greater to gradually encompass all the chakra points, and eventually/occasionally I feel this energy extend to a boundless space – almost as though extending to the ends of the universe and boomerang-ing back.
  • Try a 15 minute “power nap” ::: here’s my favourite :::
  • Let go of multitasking for 15 minutes, an hour, 5 hours, the whole day! Whatever is reasonable for you, commit to doing things slowly, properly, for a set amount of time. It’s harder than it sounds… I try and do this throughout my day – especially with my morning cup of lemon water, or an evening shower, or cycling: aiming to focus on nothing but the activity I’m doing is challenging but worth it!

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