The Routine: clearing your internal home

Yoga is all about achieving balance so that we can be the best we can be. That doesn’t mean we need to be static and perfect, it means we have the capability to adapt to the natural flow and change that life presents us.

Personally my most obvious sign of good balance (as a person who typically struggles with too much Kapha) is waking up easily and being clear-minded in the morning, feeling well rested and full of clear, stable energy.

Other signs:

Speaking clearly and coherently and being able to express myself without feeling agitated

Having clear skin

Being able to laugh readily

Having a flat stomach (no gas or heaviness)

Regular, even breathing (when I’m not in balance I hold on to my breath)

Having positive thoughts

Being motivated into positive action

Seeing the good in others

Not taking things personally/being too judgemental

Enjoying my yoga practice

Practicing yoga with integrity, with the breath.

What are yours? Consider this an interesting exercise, if nothing else, it’s quite inspiring just reminding ourselves of how bloody great we can feel!!

To achieve order, balance and clarity, we need to have some kind of a routine. We all have them – examples are going to bed at a certain time, brushing our teeth twice a day, eating three meals, etc.

Developing a healthy routine takes practice, perseverance and a LOT of trial and error to get to that sweet spot, but ohhhh when you get there, your body and mind will thank you for it!!

I try to ritualise my day in the most simple way possible, twice a day. I’m not militant about it – I do what feels good. I think it’s so sad to wake up and dread all the things you’ve got to do, carrying them like a burden…! What a rubbish way to start the day! I’m flexible with my morning routine, but I’m strict with getting enough sleep/waking early.

At best: I do my Morning Pages with some hot water/lemon/ginger tea, stretch a little, dry brush and wash my hands, face, eyes, nose and tongue. As a minimum, I stretch a tiny bit, wash as before, and simply take a moment to accept the day ahead. As a Kapha, it’s important for me to exercise immediately, on an empty stomach, so this is something I’ve worked into my routine over time (conveniently as I have to cycle to get to work!)

For the evening, at best, I do a yoga session, clean my space, pack my bags for the day ahead and use a guided meditation to sleep. Often I do a short self-massage on my calves and feet. At a minimum, I wash briefly, stretch a tiny bit, and simply try to lie in a comfortable posture and practice some steady breathing.

So I encourage you: get some routine on, clear that shit outta your system and take 20 minutes to clear your internal home! ❤


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