All of Life is Yoga


Pardon the blatantly obvious statement, but sometimes I believe it’s the most simple truths we need to remind ourselves of, over and over again…

All of life is Yoga.

We are always searching for peace, happiness, harmony, no matter where our search leads us. Whether it be through drinking, gambling, having sex, dieting, exercising, praying… What truly matters, when remembering that “All of Life is Yoga”, is that all of us are seekers.

This morning I filled out my Morning Pages and reminded myself of something really important, and that is: I must not deprive myself of my Yoga Practice by going into “All or Nothing” thinking.

Do you know you’re going to have a busy day ahead of you? Do you know, you won’t be able to fit in 1 hour of Yoga, as much as you would love that luxury?

Fit in the bare minimum.

The bare minimum is breathing intentionally. Quiet your thoughts. Find that space in which you are free, non-attached, harmonious, whole. Even if it’s for 3 seconds!

  • I can do 2 minutes of Yoga while I brush my teeth: breathing and relaxing as I gently bend my knees, lift the arches of my feet and practice pulling up my posture through my core
  • I can practice Yoga while I walk: being gentle with each step; being aware of any tension in my body, steadying my breath…
  • I can practice Yoga at the traffic lights (and I often do) by giving my shoulders a stretch and creating some space in my heart and throat chakras which can tend to close up while I’m cycling
  • I can practice Yoga in my communication with others; if I start to feel drained or unbalanced, I take my attention to my third eye and channel my energies through this place

These are just a few examples, the list can go on, and on, and on…

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